CBSE Affl. No: 3630073

CBSE Affl. No: 3630073

7 Ways To Become A Top Scorer In IGCSE Exams

Dreams keep us alive. Almost every student dreams of becoming a topper. But securing a top score in IGCSE Board Exams is not everybody’s cup of tea. These days students from top international schools in Hyderabad are achieving excellent results in IGCSE Board Exams. You can also achieve desired results like the students from the best schools in Hyderabad, who you regularly see in the news. Keep reading to know those tips following which you can achieve your dream score.

Do Smart Work

Smart work always wins over hard work. Instead of buying five books for each subject and reading all of them blindly, buy two standard books and study them thoroughly. Make your notes after you understand the topic clearly. They will help you to revise all your topics quickly at the eleventh hour. Also, notes are the best way to remember any chapter.

Choose A Good Mentor

To become a topper, you should always have a mentor beside you. A mentor could be anyone. It may be your father; it may be your teacher. However, it must be somebody who will guide you not only through academics but in every field of your life. He will become your partner in your success journey.

Practice Makes A Man Perfect

Practice is the best way to achieve perfection. To become a topper like the students from top international schools in Hyderabad read a chapter or practice their calculations and theorems innumerable times. Solve numerous questions. You need to be able to solve all the questions given in several sample question papers. The more you revise your syllabus, the more you are accustomed to writing down answers quickly and efficiently in exams. This builds your confidence immensely.

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Have A Good Company

Always build friendships with like-minded people. They will understand you and your dreams. They will support you and boost you up in your success journey. They will enrich your life with a positive attitude. Students in the best schools in Hyderabad do the same. Also, you can learn a lot from such friends.

Health Is Wealth

There are many incidences where the student falls weak under exam pressure. You have to avoid that by remaining health conscious. You should avoid any form of junk food for the last few weeks. Don’t skip meals. Drink plenty of water and get yourself an ample amount of sleep. Meditate and exercise every day. Falling ill just before the exam can cause all your yearlong efforts to go wasted.

Stay Calm

Develop an interest in studies and enjoy them instead of feeling a burden on your head. There will be ups and downs during your preparation, but you must stay calm and motivated every time. You should always believe in yourself and work consistently towards your dream.

Success doesn’t come overnight, but it comes after consistent efforts and sheer determination. Students from top international schools in Hyderabad are not super humans. Students from the best schools in Hyderabad follow such rules strictly. You must remember that the sacrifices you make are temporary, but the happiness of your great results will stay for the rest of your life. Therefore, have faith in yourself and embark on your journey to success. You will surely achieve your dream.

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