CBSE Affl. No: 3630073

CBSE Affl. No: 3630073

Curriculum vs Culture: What is the Need of the Hour?

A growth mindset means believing in our abilities, including intelligence, primarily due to time, effort, and practice. The interpretation is that no matter where a person is now, they can continually improve with effort, good strategies, and a lot of practice.

A school is a place of knowledge and worship. Every parent dreams of giving their child a foundation where knowledge and manners both occur as a package. In this dynamic world, it is essential to learn both educational science and behavioral science .

Surveys say that, there an urgent need to change focus, not only to build IQ, but also to bring emotional intelligence into the realm of consideration. There has been a great debate between development and cultural gap, so some of the top CBSE schools in Hyderabad make sure that there is no stone left unturned while imparting the best of knowledge at all touch points.

Studying to hold an excellent curriculum vitae or gaining a job is a half-hearted way of diving into the world of the unknown. Learning people skills, endurance, and clever hacks is vital to maintaining a hold of reality while dreaming about the superficial. All the best IGCSE schools in Hyderabad have adopted the philosophy of meticulous learning and continuous development with practical experimentation and visible improvement in the students' performance. . To create a proper balance between the two worlds, top CBSE schools in Hyderabad have made equal efforts in imparting the best knowledge and cultural education for better adaptability with the outside world and a sense of acceptability towards the possibility of the unknown or undiscovered. The aim is to provide a value-addition to the already existing knowledge conundrum and break the barrier of stuffed studies without opinion formation.

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Practicality vs Theory

Learning to ride a bike or a cycle cannot happen with books and rigorous chapters. A step-to-step guide on cycling will never help. The rider will have to climb up the seat, take the handle, decide the path, gear up the pedal, exert strength, look straight, maintain a posture, and strike a balance between the ground and the tire to maintain the center of gravity and hold the speed to a limit that is not highly difficult to control but still is optimum for the type of traffic, situation of the road and proficiency of the rider. Accordingly, a student can learn how to create a robot and make it work to attain the tasks required, but a hands-on creation of a robot from scratch along with complete wiring, arranging all parts together, continuous brainstorming and fighting the mistakes, attempting an action and then deciding to adapt than being rigid, trying to improvise with available resources and still emerging victorious in achieving the desired or learning from mistakes to understand the best way to achieve the task required will make the student better than the others. A complete implementation of everything is not possible straight out of education, and with time, the bookish knowledge fades away. Therefore, a requirement of great muscle memory is essential, and some of the best IGCSE schools in Uppal have made sure that their students understand the requirement of complete all-around development and imbibe maximum potential within a given time frame.

Teaching Methods

Having stated the above example, many institutions bring in a subject on behavioral sciences and make it mandatory for the students to take the classes and attempt examinations. The problem again arises here with the teaching pedagogy, the system of mugging up theories and jotting them down on exam sheets makes topics less exciting and less tempting to retain for a longer duration. For this reason, one of the best IGCSE schools in Hyderabad, imparts education on lifestyle management as a hobby class with out-of-the-box methodologies and makes learning exciting and participative for the kids. They find knowledge fruitful and refreshing while soaking in the vast array of cultural dimensions and ways to cordially respect each other's beliefs. Hence, mere classroom teaching and lecturing diminishes the impact of knowledge.

Cultural Shock

This is a prevalent phrase used by people in their mid-20s due to a realization about the differences in the thinking, acting, and retaliating patterns of a broader scope of people than they have been around. This makes them hide in a shell behind the mask of introvert behavior and avoid conflict of opinions. In reality, the students experience a cultural shock. They do not understand how to respond to the new avenues they face, and thus their defense mechanism of quitting spurs up. To avoid such disastrous situations, the person must be aware of how to treat a different environment with due respect and try to delve into the feeling of a brand new world which they haven't experienced in the past. The best IGCSE schools in Hyderabad boost these unsaid emotions of children and guides them to succeed in their future endeavors.

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