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CBSE Affl. No: 3630073

CBSE Affl. No: 3630073

Discipline Rules to Be Followed By Students

Abiding by discipline and complying with the rules and conduct of the schools/colleges is one of the most important criteria and is followed by everyone, including the top international schools in Hyderabad. Every student has the responsibility to respect the rules and authority, comply with the prescribed course of study, be on time, be attentive, and appreciate all the staff, including the teaching and the non-teaching staff, which may include other concerned authorities too. Schools in Hyderabad have been flourishing and are paying the utmost attention to discipline. Some of the best CBSE schools in Hyderabad teach their students to be soft-spoken and train their personalities. They are taught that they are solely responsible for all their actions in the school environment.

Four significant rules every student in a top international school in Hyderabad should follow are mentioned below.

1. Be Punctual

Students need to value time and always be punctual. All the students should arrive in time, and they should come prepared with everything, i.e., stationery, lunch box, homework, and assignments failing which students may have to suffer .

2. Be Kind

Kindness is an important activity that everyone on the school premises should follow. All the schools in Hyderabad follow this essential act of kindness and teach its importance to their students. Correctly expressing one’s emotions is also one of the important things to be followed in the best CBSE schools in Hyderabad. Being kind also involves behaving civilly and respecting everyone around you.

3. Be Safe

Being safe would not only keep an individual away from trouble but will also create a soothing and favourable environment for everyone around. Below are points that best CBSE schools in Hyderabad expect their students to follow:

● Use the playground safely and appropriately, and avoid rushing towards it.

● It is strictly prohibited to throw objects at anyone.

● Hitting, pushing, and pulling anyone is strictly prohibited.

● Leaving to playground during lunch break without permission is not allowed.

● Carrying sharp objects is prohibited.

● If the ball goes over the fence, the student should inform the concerned authority.

● Do not climb any trees and poles.

4. General Conduct

Some of the general rules which are to be followed by the students of all the CBSE schools of Hyderabad are

● Students’ items should not be brought to school (Except when asked by the teacher to get them in explicitly).

● Chewing gum is prohibited on the school premises.

● All students must be in school uniforms.

● If any school property is damaged or lost by a student/s, they will be solely responsible for it and are expected to pay for such damage.

● Disturbing the class by having an unacceptable attitude, wasting time, not listening, and following the rules given by the teacher is not allowed.

● No student is allowed to carry on any selling in the school. Strict action shall be taken against any such student/s.

● All rules are to be followed, including those not expressly included here but are advised by the teachers and other authorities.


These discipline rules are not only crucial for the teachers and the school but also create a happy and safe environment for everyone present. Top international schools in Hyderabad have been taking utmost care to teach these discipline rules for the betterment of the students. Abiding by these rules will result in a fruitful manner and encouraging response from the teachers and other concerned authorities; the best CBSE schools in Hyderabad have followed and encouraged everyone to abide by these rules. It is important to note that all the rules shall be followed by every student, failing which a student shall have to suffer the consequences. If a student fails to comply with the laws, a warning, a letter to the parent, and any other such measures will be taken by the authority. All the schools, including schools in Hyderabad, are now promoting discipline for the personality development of their students.

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