CBSE Affl. No: 3630073

CBSE Affl. No: 3630073

Five ways to keep kids engaged and learning at home 

With the outspread of Covid-19, CBSE schools in Hyderabad remained closed. Each one of us was locked into our houses. Although the fear of Covid-19 has reduced, people still love having fun with kids at home. Parents prefer to perform some learning and fun activities to enhance their children's learning process. During the breaks in the IGCSE schools in India, kids might get bored at home. At such times engaging in learning activities would be beneficial. 

1. Family Fun Comes First  

TLearning at home begins with having the family spend extended time together. Having the whole family together and putting in all ideas to have fun is a great learning experience for children. Activities that are educational and everyone can participate in are the best to plan out. Encouraging kids to pick up activities like cooking, gardening, craft, or others helps them inculcate curiosity in learning different things with everyone.

2. The Habit of Reading

Introducing the world of reading to kids would help them develop a healthy and productive habit for life. Acquiring reading skills will not only keep kids engaged but also help in areas like learning new words, speaking fluently, and hopping easily into a world of imagination. Reading materials for kids can include storybooks, comics, novels, or other books separate from the course books of CBSE school in Hyderabad or other books related to their curriculum.

3. Utilize the technology

Although it may sound weird to let the kids use electronic devices in the developing world today, they must be aware of the technologies present. Top schools in Hyderabad teach the kids the dos and don’ts of the digital world. Sitting down with the child to make them understand the rules to be followed with devices is necessary. They can also make videos or take the initiative to post their activities on the internet with their guardian's help. 

4. Learning Lab at Home  

Encouraging kids to take up light and fun activities like DIY science experiments, crafts, drawing, documentaries, and educational videos is a healthy learning habit. Science, technology, engineering, and math skills are used in many courses and everyday chores. Kids often get the activities and the items required to experiment on their favorite subjects at home, with some guidance from the educators at the best schools in Hyderabad.

5. Follow a Schedule

Performing several activities randomly during the day may be exciting and fun. However, making a schedule for different activities with the proper time allotted would help the child feel at ease during learning. A proper schedule also helps tackle anxiety. Yet following the same routine daily and strictly might get boring. Hence, some focus must also be put towards putting different activities in the schedule. It will help the child feel normality and maintain discipline later during classes in any top school in Hyderabad.

To keep kids engaged and proactively learning after the classes in IGCSE schools in India might be hectic for parents. However, following a proper schedule, bringing in different activities, and interactivity with kids brings in a new exciting feel that inspires life-long learning.

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