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CBSE Affl. No: 3630073

CBSE Affl. No: 3630073

Future of Education & Skilling in India

With the rise of technologically advanced spaces, the creative economy, and changing industry dynamics, it is becoming more important for millennials to be at the forefront of being skilled, upskilled, and re-skilled. In the next 15 years, 180 million young people will join India's labor force. Working in this direction, top schools in Hyderabad are already trying to incorporate vocational education into their curriculum gradually.

Every industry needs more modern skills. There is a demand for modern job profiles in the IT industry, including those involving AI, Big Data analytics, robotics, and automation, among others. To achieve this, schools in Uppal, Hyderabad, are targeting over and above in their scholastic and co-scholastic schedule planning. Teaching styles here are a systematic blend of learning styles of the present and the bygone era. Individual differences, multiple intelligences, life skills, etc., and many more add-ons are the focus of today’s changing world.

The Need for a Changed Mindset

● The core issue lies with our mindset. In today’s fast-changing world, parents, teachers, governments, and schools should encourage children to pursue non-traditional alternatives like the culinary arts, archaeology, language, music, and skills, etc…

● This shift in perspective will lessen the number of unemployed graduates and produce a variety of resources that the nation now lacks. These courses must be provided at the school level with hands-on instruction, giving students alternative possibilities. If we can change our mindset, we will be able to change the future of this country by exposing the youth to better and larger opportunities.

Role of Changing Technology

● Technology will significantly impact educational development in the future more than we can imagine. Latest technologies like AI/ML, big data, Cloud Computing, etc. will not just change what students learn in a classroom but how they learn. It will change their analytical and thinking skills.

● New-age technologies should not only be readily available but there are other aspects to them as well. Tech-enabled learning should be personalized as well as customized. It should be affordable and flexible. Only then will it be able to serve its purpose and be fruitful for the mass audience.

Additional Focus on Soft Skills

● Soft skills sometimes referred to as people skills or emotional intelligence, is the capacity to communicate with others. They are an inseparable part of the personality of a successful individual. Sometimes it may be hard for a person to develop soft skills rather than hard skills, but they are equally important in deciding your level of success in any walk of life.

● Skills like teamwork, time management, problem-solving, etc…, can help you gain confidence and build stronger professional relationships. Schools nowadays are focusing more on these resulting in the overall development of students. However, a lack of soft skills might restrict your potential or even lead to failure in the workplace. Recognizing and accepting the areas where you need to grow as a person can be a significant starting step.


The core foundation of teaching skills and knowledge in our youth should begin at the grass-roots level. Primary and secondary schools should focus on the overall development of a student. This will make them ready for the ever-changing and tech-based future in an effective way.

Top schools in Hyderabad are already working to provide holistic development to their students. Many schools in Uppal have upgraded their way of teaching to achieve 360-degree development of a student. Adapting new skills and methods will be a game changer in the coming future for us.

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