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CBSE Affl. No: 3630073

How Can Innovative Teaching Strategies Benefit Students?

Recent research has shown that student participation, which outperforms lectures, is the most efficient learning method in higher education. However, it is still the least used teaching style in the top Schools in Hyderabad.

It is possible to mix numerous instructional strategies to keep students informed about current affairs, improve retention, and foster problem-solving abilities. Both traditional and modern tactics can be used simultaneously in the strategy, or they can be combined.

Innovative Teaching Strategies

Inquiry-Based Learning

Since students learn best when they create meaning, inquiry-based learning is one of the most effective teaching methods in the classroom. Student curiosity is sparked by inquiry-based learning. During the inquiry-based learning process, teachers serve as facilitators.

QR Codes

All grade levels of classes can benefit from using quick response codes, which are simple to generate. Simply scanning a QR code with a student's digital gadget can direct them to information.

Project-Based Learning

According to research, project-based learning is an efficient and pleasurable method. PBL also fosters the deeper learning skills necessary for success in school, the workplace, civic engagement. Community leaders can use the issues that students resolve to address issues in their neighbourhood.

In schools based in Uppal, students are encouraged to employ their critical thinking, problem-solving, teamwork, and self-management skills. Students share their solutions after resolving the issue or challenge.


The "tried and true" cooperative learning method of jigsaw puzzles allows pupils to design their learning. Groups of students each receive a unique piece of knowledge and are organized into groups. Pupils acquire the knowledge in their groups to the point that they can transfer it to another set of students.

By instructing their classmates, pupils learn the approach and develop into learning experts. The members of the new groups are drawn from each of the small groups after each group has finished learning its lesson. Everyone in the group imparts the information they learned in their informational group. This method challenges pupils to develop their learning while bringing lessons to life. Students are motivated by this challenge to participate and share what they have learned.

Benefits of Using New Methods of Teaching


Learner-centeredness is one of the key features of contemporary teaching strategies for basic science and technology. It focuses on students utilizing or applying during lectures in the classroom and the lab. The learning process is entirely student-driven, with the teacher serving merely as a guide. Significantly, students seem to dominate interactions in the classroom.

Activity-based or task-based

The teacher or guide plans the task or activity and motivates the students to learn in this manner. As a result, it is activity- or commission-based. Students are invited or required to participate in classroom engagement through these interactive exercises.


Teachers handling Business Studies should be creative. All the study materials needed for the students to learn or fully comprehend the subject should be gathered and distributed by them. The school setting or any other place where they are available can be used to gather the resources. Additionally, learners can provide resources or study material from their end.


Each instructional method encourages students to think critically, solve issues, and find answers. Top Schools and Preschools in Hyderabad are proven to boost academic accomplishment and future success by fostering students' curiosities, interests, motivation, focus, and teamwork.

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