CBSE Affl. No: 3630073

CBSE Affl. No: 3630073

Principles of Teaching Children Every Parent Should Know

Children are the precious part of our humanity’s future potential and have to be nurtured with patience and intelligence. There is no standardized evaluation mechanism for parenthood unfortunately. Every parent comes with a prior-existing framework that comes from their own childhood experiences. The International schools in Hyderabad impart the best of academic learning in children and create a fertile learning ecosystem for parental counselling.

The best schools in Hyderabad, like Arca GIIS-Uppal, reduce the workload and burden of parents through effective methodologies, which play a huge role in enhancing the successful outcomes in the child.

Parents and guardians need to reinforce certain desirable characteristics in children that can extend the frontiers of human achievements

The most important life skill is an adaptation to different scenarios. It is a common misconception among parents that their parenting skills are beyond judgment. Though true to a certain extent, as parents derive unique insights from their own set of experiences. It is also important to refine the way they teach children, which will have a life-changing impact on their kids.

Parents should acclimatize with the latest learning pedagogies among the modern generation and equip themselves with the necessary educational inputs. Education is going global, and parents of today should upgrade their own learning capabilities to offer a level playing field with the current information outburst in the digital sphere. Top international schools in Hyderabad like Arca GIIS-Uppal can guide parents into the important components of the teaching principles.

Assurance is important to children

Elevating the child's confidence levels is important for the parents to remove education fatigue in the child. Many prominent CBSE schools in Hyderabad are conducting advisory sessions for interested parents and impart learning resources to bring the child up in the right environment. Assurance by the parents at an early stage increases the self-esteem levels of the child. The best schools in Hyderabad, like Arca GIIS-Uppal Campus, can launch your child into higher orbits of achievement.

Active listening and clear communication is important in understanding your child

Most parents do not seem to understand the actual logical reasons behind why children between the age group of 7-10 years have a lot of questions. However, every question asked by a child can be transformed into a layer of learning. Parents should keep them informed regarding the latest psychological processes of a child’s learning capacities.

Children who are at the tender age of their lives form neural connections for a lifetime in childhood. An increase in assurance levels becomes a part of their adult psyche, and they grow up to be well-functioning individuals. IGCSE schools in Hyderabad help parents to understand the strengths and areas of feedback for the child, thus making your work easy as a parent. Top international schools in Hyderabad help parents to understand the areas where they should increase their precious time-constrained focus.

Incorporate individuality in children and help them to make their own decisions

It is ideal for preparing children for adulthood by giving them some independent framework under which they can make their own decisions and evolve their own learning processes. Some of the best schools in Hyderabad, like Arca GIIS-Uppal Campus, nurture children in a self-sustainable environment by incorporating the latest psychological assessments that help build a child's confidence in making their own decisions.

Acknowledgment and appreciation of efforts

Parents should assess the successful outcomes of a child not by the destination but the journey. The efforts that children put in amid the high-pressure of modern education systems should be well recognized and rewarded. For example, getting an answer to a mathematical problem is not the only way of learning, but how the problem is solved highlights the child's intelligence. These efforts are crucial in preparing the child for learning new things.


Comparison of academic achievement or learning outcomes among children is the characteristic of poor parenting. Comparison leads to unrealistic expectations among children, which leads to build-up of subconscious pressure. Every child wants to impress their parents, and any unrealistic expectations create a guilt trip in the child's mind, which is not conducive for their future growth.

Deep learning

The days of rote learning are over. The new educational policy focuses on developing analytical and critical thinking skills in children. The best schools in Hyderabad like Arca GIIS-Uppal Campus make sure that the children are intellectually stimulated through a strong foundation in various STEM subjects’ like science, technology, and engineering management.

The psychology of learning in every child is unique. The curiosity levels have to be nurtured by helping children to make their own way and create their own life frameworks. The best International schools in Hyderabad have world-class learning facilities that offer a solution to parents who want to nurture their children with the best capabilities to face a highly competitive world in light of technological disruptions.

The Global Indian International School or Arca GIIS is a private school in Uppal which is located in the eastern part of Hyderabad. The school has been ranked as the number 1 school in the east zone and number 2 in twin cities for the last 5 years by the Times of India in its 12 years of operation and is indeed the best choice for your children.

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