CBSE Affl. No: 3630073

CBSE Affl. No: 3630073

Tips to Make Online Classes Easier for Parents

Due to Covid-19 annihilating normalcy in students across the world, parents have to mitigate the precarious situation of their children being taught at home. Classes being conducted with nothing but a screen separating students and teachers alike is a rather arduous and challenging situation for them and their parents. To maintain a healthy balance, parents ought to don the mantle of a teacher, for it is a well-known fact that students find it easier to learn when a parent or guardian is beside them. It is to be noted that students are usually negligent when it comes to online lessons because no physical monitoring teacher is present to monitor them.

Therefore, to aid children in online courses as usual in international schools in Hyderabad, it is necessary for the involvement of a parent, however in few International schools in Hyderabad adopted to Mentor system for every class during online classes. This mentor system helped the parents from relieving them of monitoring and helped students to concentrate while in online classes.

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Acts of Sharing

Human instinct indicates that students function better when amidst a group, as they seek to coordinate and dovetail with the rest of the pack. However, sitting alone in the corner of the room with just a computer before them drastically decreases their ability to harmonize. Hence, browsing the internet and chatting with friends requires no secrecy at all. A parent needs to trim down the usage of smartphones and other similar electronic devices, limiting them to lessons only. Other forms of diversion need to be chipped too; silence must ensue for students to follow a class with complete attention and calm, choosing an area in the house where stillness resides.

Taking a Breather

Hours and hours devoted to gazing at a screen can affect the eyes, resulting in mental health breakdowns, and reduce prolonged sleep. Thus, a student needs respite from the jarring 40 to 45 minutes of an online class. Younger children require more hiatuses than older ones. Parents must consider the comfort of their children, for every child is different from the next. To increase concentration on academics, parents should suggest performing light exercises. They might be something as trivial as playing with a pet for five minutes, but the actions themselves divert the mind, taking away the choking sensation of pressure momentarily.

Anxieties about Returning to School

One of the top international schools in Hyderabad had issued a notice on September 3rd, 2021 that they are willing to reopen despite the pandemic. While it is certain to bring back some semblance of order and regularity, it may cause trepidation amongst students because they had been cooped up within a cage for far too long. A living creature that has forgotten the outside world is sure to be apprehensive about stepping out into the open. Despite the likely advent of the third wave of Covid-19 striking our nation, some of the top CBSE schools in Hyderabad, and other educational establishments in the Telangana region of India have decided that the time is ripe for students to attend International schools in Hyderabad physically once more. Parents ought to assure their children to erase all traces of unease and agitation in their minds by making them comprehend that Covid protocols will undoubtedly be maintained and handled well. With the stream of admissions in certain private top IGCSE schools in Hyderabad being narrowed down as of early July, the Times of India has touched upon the topic of mass despair and the lack of incoming funds due to the loss of work during the Covid-period lockdown. This ‘folie à plusieurs’ case or the idea of fear being passed on is one of the major causes of agitation among students. It is up to the parent’s discretion to act accordingly, regarding whether or not they deem it obligatory to send their young ones to International schools in Hyderabad.

Juggling with Time

A routine should be chalked out for students to maintain wholesome stability between lessons and breaks. Slipping in and out of top IGCSE schools in Hyderabad for self-study must be so smooth that children do not feel intimidated with the piles of homework stacked for the following day. Ensuring an equilibrium, students should rise at the same time they did when they went to top CBSE schools in Hyderabad and not slack off since they are within the comfort zone of their homes. Since tests are also conducted online, schedules must be crafted in a manner that helps children focus as well as breathe easier. For some, their minds tend to wander soon, whereas others can hold their concentration for an entire span of a class. Depending on this, parents should make students stay away from computers when they observe their children showing signs of tension and perturbation. Guiding the children, parents can help them realize what they are best at, be it studying for long hours or learning intermittently yet frequently. A record must be conserved for a hassle-free modus operandi of turmoil to be overcome.

Positive Reinforcements are Necessary

In top CBSE schools in Hyderabad, students often receive merit cards and certificates for examinations passed with flying colours. However, they are deprived of such laudation at home. If parents were to give their children a clap on the back or a small smiley face on their notebooks for rough-work or perhaps an extra helping of their favorite dish, it would cheer them up immensely.

The Way of the Top IGCSE Schools in Hyderabad

Teachers of the CBSE, IGCSE International Schools of Hyderabad often hold meetings with parents, as revealed by social media, in order to discuss how each of the students are faring in all subjects. It is only fair that parents are kept informed about their children’s daily progress, as a parent-child joint study session works wonders.

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