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CBSE Affl. No: 3630073

CBSE Affl. No: 3630073

Universities See Increased Interest From Cambridge International Students

Every year, Cambridge International sends a Student Destinations Survey to Cambridge schools to offer our colleagues and us in the Global Recognitions team a "sense check" on the top destinations, the emerging locations, and the effects that global events have on travelers’ choice of destinations. It is a great way to identify trends and inform our work to make sure Cambridge students can transfer to universities worldwide without problems.

Factors To Be Considered By Students Who Want To Travel The World and Experience Life as International Students

A stand for intellectual excellence around the world

Not just in Asia but all across the world, Cambridge International is known for its academic excellence. The country's education system is of the highest caliber, and its academic talent is well developed and competitive.

A diverse society

People in the multicultural continent of Asia show respect for others of other races, religions, and traditions. There are so many official languages, like English (the one most people use at work and in schools), Chinese, Malay, Hindi, Tamil, etc., throughout the whole continent.

Financial concerns

Staying closer to home might result in significant savings on travel and living expenses for students who are already in the area. An affordable path to a top-notch education is a significant advantage for families struggling financially due to the pandemic. Many colleges also provide large student scholarships based on need or academic potential.

Long-term lockdowns may have a negative financial impact, which may cause travelers to change their travel plans. In particular, in Asian nations, more students might decide to stay local, particularly in international Indian schools and the best IGCSE schools in Hyderabad. Asian colleges are rising in the rankings. Therefore, we believe there will be a shift in students' choosing them if they can obtain a high-quality education locally and at a lower cost.

A high standard of living

Cambridge International is a study destination appropriate for people from all walks of life thanks to its effective city planning, developed economy, outstanding geographic location, sound legal system, convenient transportation, pleasant temperature, and tolerant and welcoming social milieu.

Excellent possibilities

A diploma from an Asia-Pacific university is a ticket to a world of possibilities. The first benefit of an English-taught degree is that it equips students with the language abilities they need to work or further their education in an English-speaking country. If they choose to remain in the area, graduates with advanced degrees are in high demand due to the region's outstanding growth in industries like manufacturing and exporting.

Overall, the institutions of higher learning like Oxford and Cambridge contribute a lot in terms of development, growth, improvement, and uplifting the global benchmark of education. Because they provide excellent support for international students, Indian schools are where students can succeed. Our students will not feel alone because the student population in the UK is quite diverse.

Students worldwide are drawn to foreign educational institutions' structured and consistent teaching styles, particularly international Indian schools and the best IGCSE schools in Hyderabad. Every student will be graded and pushed through a curriculum under the existing educational culture of our home countries, which we are familiar with, without considering each person's strengths and interests. Such a strategy has wrecked many students' prospects and futures.


Cambridge students are always eager to examine their possibilities for universities, and more and more of their research points them toward the Asia-Pacific. Even before the epidemic, there were many more international students in the area, and this trend seems likely to continue.

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