CBSE Affl. No: 3630073

CBSE Affl. No: 3630073

What are all the extracurricular activities available in an international school?

Are you confused about your child's education and want to provide them with the best facilities? Well, an international school is one you can start with. An international school provides children with an international curriculum and environment. It provides education for an international community. International schools in Uppal and International preschool in Hyderabad provide students with the best education and extracurricular activities.

International schools in Hyderabad can be the best choice for an expat student. Such schools often follow a curriculum model from the UK. The primary instructions are usually provided in English or French. International schools provide similar standards of schooling around the globe, providing for an easy transition between schools. They also provide internationally accepted accreditation, such as the International Baccalaureate.

Extracurricular activities in an international school

As seen, an international school can provide the best educational and scholastic facilities for students. Other than school work and studies, international schools in Uppal can provide good opportunities for extracurricular activities. At such schools, participation in co-curricular activities is equally important alongside academics. Students are provided with holistic growth and development by participating in such activities. In addition to physical development and the exploration of interests, students learn the thrill of challenge and competition, the importance of concentration, the spirit of teamwork, and a sense of accomplishment. All sports and activities are provided with skilled, experienced, and passionate coaches to help students reach their personal best in whatever activity they choose to do.

The extracurricular activities provided in each school may differ. However, some of these activities are:

• Ballet: Ballet is a type of performance dance that has its influence globally.

•Chess: Chess is a 2 player board game that many international schools teach their students at a young age

• Choir: A choir is an organized group of singers. Most choirs are led by a conductor, who leads the performances with arm, hand, and facial gestures.

• Pottery: Students are taught to make plates, cups, dishes, and other similar items especially using mud or clay.

• Drama: Drama: drama classes are their best choice if your child has an active interest in acting or theater, or they want to make new friends and explore the development of essential attributes.

• Football: Of late, football has been gaining popularity among youngsters. It is an excellent physical and extracurricular activity.

• Gymnastics: It is a sport that includes physical exercises requiring balance, strength, flexibility, agility, coordination, and endurance.

• Paint: By painting, students can improve their creativity and express their thoughts in a creative manner.

• Rock climbing: Rock climbing is a sport where participants climb up, down, or across natural rock formations or artificial rock walls. This helps students develop a sense of coordination and exploration.

These extracurricular activities are carried on under the proper guidance of a qualified tutor. Every student has the opportunity and choice to choose whichever activity they want. Having such a wide range of options can also help students explore their areas of interest and talent. They are able to discover activities and skills they never thought they could pursue in the first place. Extracurricular activities teach students values, setting of goals, teamwork, critical thinking, public speaking, time management, etc.

An international school ensures that it provides a good balance of co-curricular and extracurricular activities to improve students' abilities in more ways than one. Overall personality development of a student involves both co-curricular and extracurricular activities.

Hence, international schools in Hyderabad provide varieties of extracurricular activities for their students and help them in their overall development. In addition, international schools in Uppal, Bangalore, Kerala, and Delhi have some of India's best and most popular international schools.

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